I have not much info on this one. It seems that a langsuyar originates after her death ( still living ) while childbirth. ( I wonder why some chose to be langsuyars or pontianaks ). The 'attacking' method is far more different than a pontianak. Langsuyars usually prey on man ( I don't know why).

But the most interesting part is they charm the man with her spells and magic. The man would run after her just to be with her. ( Unless if he notices her long nails - which look like those worn in Thai or Balinese culture dances ) Automatically, he inserts her long hair into a deep hole in her neck so that she looks like a normal woman and acts like them.

Langsuyars are known to born elfin children( That I don't know why ). Always, the relationship between a human and a langsuyar always come to a tragic end ( What kind of end? suicide? kills?). I'll let you know more if I have more info.

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