Mambang Kuning or known as the Yellow Spirits, dwell during sunset. At this time, they are at their peak and most mischevious. For a bomoh ( a witchman ) to summon them to do their bidding, their power must be at least as strong as the Mambang Kunings or more than that.

It is believed that it the glow is brighter, the danger is more apparent. If a person happens to spot it, then he or she in order to avoid trouble must take a mouthful of water and spit it out in the direction of the sunset while throwing a handful of ashes ( where do you get that? ) at the same time. He or she then must chant an invocation to the Mambang Kuning explaining that he or she is 'putting out the brightness'.

If someone is sick after a particular sunset, then it is believed that he or she is suffering from weakness of spirit. To avoid this, one can follow the 'procedure' above.

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