Perhaps the most famous, scariest and violent ghost in the Malaysian culture. Primarily, the Malays believe that it originates from a still born child, women who dies while giving birth, women who were killed by the pontianak or their spirits captured by them. After such death, precautions are taken to prevent them from rising like

Putting glass beads in the corpses mouth so that they can't shriek

Placing eggs under the corpses armpits so that they can't fly

Placing needles in their palms so that they ca't fly also (apparently the palm helps the pontianak to fly

Pontianak usually announces its presence through baby cries or turn themselves into beautiful and frighten or kill the unlucky who enter or pass through their vicinity. The distance of a pontianaks cries are very tricky. The Malays believe that if the cry is soft means that the pontianak is near and if it is loud then it must be far.

Want to know how a pontianak kills? It digs into your stomach with its long sharp fingernails ( Groce man! ) and feed on it to survive ( yuck! ). And want to know why we Malaysians don't hang our clothes at night outside the house? It's because people believe that it sniffs your clothes to suck your blood ( Wah, so powerful wanlah! ).

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