Hantu Kertau
Looks like a creature with a boar body and deer like head. Said to roam in the state of Perak.

Kemang and Hantu Sambaran
Originates in the placenta ( I don't know how ) and torments newborn babies.

Hantu Putung
A male ghost wrapped in white cloth like a mummy, who jumps about in the middle of the road late at night glowing.

A very famous slave ghost. It's in a baby form and usually bought from bomohs. It will do your bidding BUT you must feed it blood, your own blood! Very efficient ghost. Be warned that if you feed it a little more, it wants more and more and more. You try to get rid of it, it will come back to claim your life especially if you are a women ( women are said to give birth to toyols after 3 - 4 months , their stomachs bigger than usual ). Chinese call this 'kwee kia'.

Gendruwo - Indonesian name
Nobody knows how or what does it look like because it has no certain shape. It is said that this ghost is very scary and only scares us people.

It takes form of a women. Appearing often around sunset, it 'kidnaps' unsuspecting children and hides them on high tree branches.

This ghost goes after young men ( those of you handsome ones watch out! ). It takes form of a beautiful lady and if it manages to tackle you, she will show you her very smelly butt with an '0' hole shape instead of the normal one ( you know ).

This ghost is said to kidnap children who are playing outside their home at night. One can identify it through it's footsteps : "thek, thek, thek ".

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